Dan from Seaside, CA wrote in with this question:

Q: I have recently installed Fedora 17 and use gnome terminal for everything.  I tried to hide the menubar but everytime I open a new terminal window it is back.  How can I remove the menubar for the default on the terminal?

A: I did some digging and it looks like a lot of people are asking this question.  Here is a quick way to accomplish your task.

First switch to root and install gconf-editor:

su -
yum -y install gconf-editor

Now open a new terminal window and do not switch to root.  This setting will only affect the currently logged in user, and you should not be logging in as root.  Now start gconf-editor from the new terminal:


Navigate to apps > gnome-terminal > profiles > Default

In the right windows scroll down until you see default_short_menubar and then uncheck the box to set it to false (see screenshot below).

Gnome gconf settings

Now when you open the gnome-terminal you will have no menubar.

I tried this on Fedora 17, but it should would for any system running gnome 3.