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Putorius Linux Wallpapers

Back in 2013, a reader sent me a message asking if they can use one of my images of Tesoro as a wallpaper. Of course I obliged and sent over a wallpaper I had been using.

I like to change my wallpaper with my mood. Some have stayed on my monitor for 2 years, some only 3 days. Either way, here are some of the Putorius wallpapers I have used over the years. Feel free to use them for your wallpaper and show your support for Putorius.



Putorius 3-D 4K Logo Wallpaper

Putorius 3-D Download Link: 4k Resolution
(Right click and select Save As)



Putorius Orange Burst 4K Logo Wallpaper

Putorius Orange Burst Download Link: 4k Resolution
(Right Click and select Save As)



Official Putorius Wallpaper
Putorius Tesoro Steps HD Wallpaper - Old Logo

Putorius Tesoro Steps Download Link: HD Resolution
(Right Click and select Save As)