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Rebranding Putorius

In early 2019, with a surge in readership and traffic, it was decided that Putorius needed an update. Not only a new platform and clean webdesign, but also a new brand image. Our old platform was limiting and kept our team from being as effective as possible. The new website needed to be agile and work to the strengths of our team. It needed to allow us to quickly change, update and add new features while making it easy for both authors and readers to focus on the content. After a few months of hard work the new website was launched on January 1st 2019.

It quickly become apparent that our brand was missing the mark. The paw print logo had been used since 2009. It was designed (I use that term lightly as I am no designer) in honor of our mascot “Tesoro” (seen on the bottom right of every page) and has undergone a couple of small changes over the years.

Putorius Logo 2009-2015
Putorius Logo 2009-2015
Putorius Logo 2015-2019
Putorius Logo 2015-2019

As the site grew, we realized there was a need for a logo that better represented our mission and values. We did not want to abandon the idea and feel behind Putorius since it was close to our heart. We wanted to revise the look for a new chapter.

We teamed up with a Jason Moss of Design by Moss, to come up with a logo that would be a modern twist on our old established brand.

"When I was first approached by Steven to design a new logo for Putorius, I considered this a typical re-brand. But after a few iterations that weren’t hitting the mark, I stepped back and took the visual (Paw) he already had and completely reconstructed it while still keeping the identity he had built."

- Jason Moss / Design by Moss

Putorius Logo Redesign for 2019
Illustration of Thought Process

Working with Design by Moss was a true pleasure. Their patience and professionalism brought us to a final design that we are very proud of. We believe this new brand identity will help us stand out, while still holding true to the tradition and sentimental ties we have for our original brand.  I present the new Putorius...