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Install Android ADB on Fedora 21

Question sent in by Mark.

Q: I recently installed Fedora 21 Workstation on my home computer.  It is not my first time using Linux, but I would still consider myself a newbie.  I used to use my Windows computer to "side load" updates for my Nexus 5.  I am trying to do the same on this new Fedora system and it seems to be more difficult than it should be.  I have tried install the SDK and Android Studio from the developers page but still can not find adb command or the Platform-Tools directory referenced in most how-tos anywhere.  Any help?

A: I normally do not answer such questions because they fall far outside the scope of my normal Linux posts.  But since this answer was so easy and I recently did the same for myself, I will try to help.  If you are not developing Android, there is no need for the whole Studio SDK package.  Simply install android-tools and you will have access to adb.

yum -y install android-tools
As far as the Platform-Tools directory, it is not really needed to sideload an update.  Simply put the full path into the command when pushing the update from adb like so:

adb sideload /path/to/update.zip
NOTE: Using adb requires the command to be run as root or with sudo.

I hope this helps. Thanks for sending in the question.

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